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Senior Pastor
Although the concept of church government and structure may be foreign to many people, the Bible does instruct the local church to be organized in a specific manner. Accordingly, Victory Celebration Family Church operates under a pastoral form of church government. This is the appropriate structure under the theocratic model of church structure.

In brief, we believe the local church is to be led by a Senior Pastor. They are the one, called by God, who bears the responsibility and has the God-given authority to see the vision of the church fulfilled. They are recognized as the visionary and leader of the ministry. Throughout Scripture, we find the pattern repeated where God would appoint an individual to lead a group to fulfill His purposes.

Board of Trustees
While the Senior Pastor has the ultimate responsibility of answering to God for the progress of the ministry, wisdom and state requirements dictate the establishment of a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees provides the oversight and guidance of the legal and financial affairs of the ministry.

Pastoral Team
The Pastoral Team provides the leadership of the various ministry departments within the church. Meeting the criteria and function of the biblical requirements, the Pastoral Team serve as the elders of the church.

Ministry Support Team
The Ministry Support Team is responsible for the clerical, technical, and operational aspects of the ministry.